The FSI Bengali Course

This course was provided by Helen Abadzi: thanks a lot!

The audio is yet not sorted ... I put it here , so everybody can help to clean, rename the lessons .. yes I know .. I'm idealistic

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The whole course is available as an archive here FSI Bengali Course

Bengali short course Text

FSI_4-3-tape4-lesson3 FSI-1_2-uptolesson10-conversations
FSI-7-3 fsi-count-SC1_3-4-tape1
fsi-lesson-13-shopping-food fsi-lesson3p11-to-end
fsi-sc1-tape1 FSI-SC2-3-lesson2-3-common-courtesies
fsi-sc4-getting-to-know-family sc-7-2-buying-train-ticket
bangla-sc-8-2 bangla-sc1-p14-tape2
bangla-sc1-tape3-p30 bangla-sc5-conv5-seg2-p2-12
bangla-sc5-p13-finding-out bangla-sc6-p.16-dakha-in-present-tense