The FSI Korean Basic Course (new) Course

Copyright notice: Being created by US government employees during their normal work, the original FSI course is in the public domain. The additional work contained in the present revision, however, is subject to copyright restrictions: You may use and distribute all files of this revised course for personal use. The rights for commercial use of the revised audio files and of the "Notes 2009", however, are reserved. @ 2009 Martin Sander.

Revision Notes Provides details about the updated audio files and notes on changes that have occured in the language since the course's original production.

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The whole course is available as an archive here The FSI Korean Basic Course (new) Course

Volume 1

Student Text (Original)

Introduction Audio Unit 10 Audio
Unit 01 Audio Unit 11 Audio
Unit 02 Audio Unit 12 Audio
Unit 03 Audio Unit 13 Audio
Unit 04 Audio Unit 14 Audio
Unit 05 Audio Unit 15 Audio
Unit 06 Audio Unit 16 Audio
Unit 07 Audio Unit 17 Audio
Unit 08 Audio Unit 18 Audio
Unit 09 Audio