The FSI Levantine Arabic Course

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Introduction to pronunciation

Student Text

B.1 to F.5 Tape 1A N.2 to N.12 Tape 6A
F.6 to G.7 Tape 1B N.13 to O.4 Tape 6B
G.8 to H.5 Tape 2A O.5 to O.11 Tape 7A
H.6 to I.10 Tape2B O.12 to O.20 Tape 7B
I.11 to J.7 Tape3A O.21 to O.31 Tape 8A
J.8 to K.4 Tape 3B P.1 to P.14 Tape 8B
K.5 to K.13 Tape4A P.15 to Q.5 Tape 9A
K.14 to L.5 Tape4B Q.6 to R.9 Tape 9B
L.6 to L.15 Tape5A R.10 to S.8 Tape 10
M.1 to N.1 Tape 5B