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How to install a package for local use

In this tutorial for the Windows version of Shtooka explorer, I will try to explain, how to install audio collections in your computer, in order to consult them without internet connexion.

Step 1: Download collection from internet

First of all, you have to download from internet the audio collection in the SWAC format from the download page of www.swac-collections.org.

Packages are available in Ogg and Flac formats. If you don't know the difference between these formats, choose the Ogg version of the package :

Choose the package that you want. Click-right on the link and choose "save file as..." (save target as...).

Step 2: Extract files from archive

You can use the software you want to extract file from .tar archives. I use 7-zip which is available from the 7-Zip homepage.

It will create a new directory named "ogg/" (it contains .ogg files).

You can rename this directory as you want. I renamed it as "dut-wcp".

Step 3: Explore the collection with Shtooka explorer

  • Run shtooka-explorer.exe
  • Open "File/Local Folders" from the menu.
  • Click on the "Add Folder" button
  • Select the directory which contains the audio collection then click "Ok"

  • Click on the "Ok" button. Shtooka Explorer will reload indexes of all collections. Wait a little.
  • Select the language of your collection in the listbox.

On this screenshot you can see 2 sounds for each word (the version from internet + the file from the disk)

  • Now, you can remove the package from the list of the internet packages (File/Packages)
  • Enjoy!

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