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Welcome on the Yojik site
The YazikRecorder
The YazikBrowser
Russian verbs of motion
DLI Russian

Welcome on the Yojik site

What will you find here?

  • First, programs (for Linux mostly) dedicated to language learning, programs to record phrases or list of words (the Yazik Recorder), programs to browse the audio collections (the Yazik Browser), programs to organise/create vocabulary lists with the help of an integrated dictionary and to produce audio files that you can use for example on walkman or burn on CDs, programs to manage/create/modify dictionaries and utilities to work with all theses elements.

  • Next, audio records of vocabulary and phrases in different languages (the audio collections), here mostly Russian and French, but other languages are welcome, recorded texts with vocabulary and other records like verbs, adjectives/words. All these audio records can be used in games, "phone centers" and other applications which need audio interfaces.

  • In the pipeline also a learning program for the kids (and the others ...) to learn the basic vocabulary, entirely graphical and simple to use.

  • I recently added a FSI section (FSI Russian), and a DLI section with some documents I ocred and reformatted in epub, pdf and xhtml.

  • After the main FSI-languages website was down, I recreated one from the archives I could find and the help of many HTLAL forum users.

    here are the links to the DLI - FSI archives and FSI-languages site and the reconstitution of the old website:

The audio files are tagged with informations about the locutor, his/her leaving, the textual content of the audio record, linguistic data and other which permit the use of our programs. The tag system is the same as the one used in the Shtooka project, and all tools are interoperable. You can of course add your own tags to fill your needs. (link with dictionaries for example).

This material is and will be produced under the GPL license for the programs, and Creative Commons for the audio and graphical material. The contributors can choose another license for their creations but theses ones are recommended: the goal of this site is sharing.