Work in progress

Here are some of my works around digitization of DLI/FSI Russian, FSI German and FSI/DLI Chinese documents...

I made some epub documents from websites courses, build lists of vocabulary, sentences and provide them as CSV, JSON and XML files.

It's easy to use them and import in Anki for example.

The copyrights of the different courses, word-lists, grammars are kept as the original ones.

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  1. FSI
    1. FSI-Russian
    2. FSI-Russian-1973
  2. DLI
    1. DLI Russian
    2. Individual-weapons-training
    3. DLI-Glossary
    4. Combat-Intell-Reporting-of-info
    5. Immediate-action-drills
    6. DLI-Quizzes_and_Answer
    7. DLI-Communicate-in-Russian-part1-1972
    8. DLI-Communicate-in-Russian-part2-1972
    9. DLI-Communicate-in-Russian-part3-1972
    10. DLI-Better-Russian
  3. Other
    1. Russian verbs of motion


  1. FSI-German-Basic-course


  1. DLI Chinese
  2. FSI Chinese