Shtooka Repeat

Shtooka Repeat is a program for Windows (2000, XP...) that enables the creation of little audio dictionaries using SWAC audio collections. This can help you to learn vocabulary.

This program is distributed and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Shtooka Repeat allows you to:

  • Create and Edit dictionaries
  • Memorize new words thanks to the audio collection
  • Export audio exercises into .mp3 format
  • Record the pronunciation of missing words in your native language with a simple microphone

Documentation :


Install Shtooka Repeat:

To use Shtooka Repeat, please install the Kit Shtooka 0.9.2 which contains all the necessary programs (Shtooka Repeat, Shtooka Explorer, Shtooka Recorder)

Shtooka Repeat Changelog

version 0.9.2
10/11/07 - Bug fixed: Problem with unicode title during the creation of new files

version 0.9.1
09/11/07 - Modification of the "Edit" windows (Title, StatusBar) 

version 0.9.0
12/10/07 - bug fixed: audio export with multiple entries